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Comprehensive Set Of Digital Navigation References
Adding a Whole New Meaning to 'Convenience'

A comprehensive set of digital references to carry aboard in your laptop.
All references are organized with an on-disk web index for ease of access!
References are only useful if you can actually find them when you need them!

We're so certain you'll love this collection that we're providing a money-back guarantee! Upon receipt of this product, take some time and review the materials. If you it's not exactly as we've described, simply mail it back within 7 days and we'll refund the purchase price! So far, not a single customer has requested a refund!

NOTE: There are links throughout this page to examples of many of the items included.

This collection of digital references is neatly arranged on a DVD, fully indexed and conveniently accessible from an easy-to-use web interface. Everything is just a 'click away'. Many documents linked to allow you to cross-reference related resources. This concept adds a new level of convenience to locating and using these critical resources.

Primarily in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, the disk contains most of the essential marine navigation publications required for world-wide cruising. This is like having hundreds of volumes currently selling for over $3,000! We've done something rather unusual in today's marketing environment... we've actually provided links to various online vendors where each of the references in this collection can be purchased, so you can verify the value first hand.

With references in an entirely digital format, you can print as many hard copies as you need. Unlike a printed document, you can search a PDF for specific key words, greatly enhancing its usefulness. And digital references do not require valuable storage space, that's so limited on a boat!

The total retail value of this collection is $3,238.00
Our price for the entire collection is only $95.00

Planning Guides Theirs Ours
Bowditch - The American Practical Navigator  65.00  Incl.
Navigation Calculators to Accompany the Bowditch Reference  50.00  Incl.
Chart Number 1 - Chart Symbols & Terms  12.95 Incl.
Sight Reduction Tables  282.00  Incl.
Atlas of Pilot Charts  79.00  Incl.
Sailing Directions (Planning)  168.00  Incl.
Sailing Directions (En Route)  1,294.00  Incl.
NGA List of Lights  346.00  Incl.
USCG Light List  291.00  Incl.
Notice To Mariners  468.00  Incl.
Misc Nav References  183.00  Incl.
Total Retail Value:  $3,238.00 
Our Price For The Entire Collection: $95.00
These are actual current prices from various sources!!

Bowditch - The American Practical Navigator   [Show Me]
The American Practical Navigator is an 882-page publication by Nathaniel Bowditch, which describes the modern principles of marine navigation and includes the formulas, tables, data and instructions required by navigators to perform the computations associated with dead reckoning, piloting, and celestial navigation. The publication also contains sections addressing the Practice of Navigation, Navigational Safety, Oceanography, Weather, and Electronic Navigation. If you're a serious sailor, you probably already own this book in printed format. One major advantage of the PDF version is that it is searchable. Review Chapter One (1 of 77 sections).

Nathanial Bowditch first published this encyclopedic work in 1802. During the last two centuries over 75 editions, almost 1,000,000 copies, of Bowditch have been published by the US Government. It has lived because it has combined the best technologies of each generation of navigator. This new Bicentennial Edition includes the latest advances in electronic navigation and digital charting technology. It also covers nonelectronic navigation such as celestial, plotting and dead reckoning. Bowditch contains numerous tables which have been valued for years by practicing navigators.

Bowditch is carried on the bridge of every U.S. Navy ship and should be the mainstay of any serious navigator's library. This is a complete copy of the latest Government edition in PDF format to allow full search capability. It's presented to you here as one complete document (the entire 882 pages) and as 77 individual PDF filess (one for each chapter plus one for each of the reference tables in the back of the book). This gives you maximize usability, since you can view it all at once when you want to search the entire document for information. Or, you can view it a chapter at a time for quick reference to specific topics. sells the printed edition of this publication for $49.95. Read what reviewers have to say about the publication. also sell the a version of of the publication with a companion CD ROM for $65.00. This version, however, contains only select sections in PDF format - not contain the entire document. This greatly limits one's ability to search for specific topics.

Navigation Calculators to Accompany the Bowditch Reference   [Show Me]
This is an extensive set of navigation calculators written to accompany the Bowditch reference: The American Practical Navigator. This reference has been written in eight parts, with 36 reference tables.

The calculators in this section were written to accompany each of the tables, providing a digital solution to each reference table. They were written in JavaScript and DHTML, so they could be used without connection to the internet, and each calculator has links to the applicable reference table and/or applicable chapter in the Bowditch book. This allows you to learn as you practice.

The calculators can be viewed in this demo, but while the interface is presented, the scripts that make them work are reserverd for customers.

Chart Number 1 - Chart Symbols & Terms   [Show Me]
Chart Number 1 is essential to correct and accurate use of nautical charts. It defines the symbols, abbreviations and terms used on charts as well as providing important information about buoys, light visibility (range) and aids to navigation. This new edition from Paradise Cay is a complete, high quality reproduction of Chart No. 1 prepared by NOAA and NIMA. The Government Edition, last published in November 1997, is no longer available.

Nautical Chart No. 1 is the essential reference tool for reading charts published by the Coast Guard, which includes important supplementary information about navigation. A must-have for all mariners, the first half of the manual reproduces the U.S. Coast Guard book, with coverage of basic chart concepts, the anatomy of a chart, how to read a chart, symbols and abbreviations associated with National Ocean Service and Defense Mapping Agency charts, and the chart numbering system. Though it is now out of print, we include it here, in its entirety, as a searchable, 101-page PDF document.

Compare Value... sells a hardcopy version of this publication for $12.44. (Unlike our PDF version, printed editions are not searchable.)

Sight Reduction Tables   [Show Me]
The Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation (Pub 229) is published in six volumes, each of which contains two-eight degree zones of latitude with a one-degree overlap between volumes. They are designed to facilitate the practice of celestial navigation at sea. The tables are primarily used with the intercept method of sight reduction by entering arguments of latitude, declination, and local hour angle and obtaining tabulated altitudes and azimuth angles. The tables are prepared and published by NIMA on an as-needed basis. The Tables in this package ar comprised of the six volumes, eash comprised of fourteen searchable PDF documents.

Compare Value... sells printed, paperback versions of PUB 229 Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation for $47.00 each.

Sight Reduction Tables Theirs Ours
SR Tables, Volume 1: Latitudes 0° - 15°, Inclusive Paperback -  47.00  Incl.
SR Tables, Volume 2: Latitudes15° - 30°, Inclusive Paperback -  47.00  Incl.
SR Tables, Volume 3: Latitudes 30° - 45°, Inclusive Paperback -  47.00  Incl.
SR Tables, Volume 4: Latitudes 45° - 60°, Inclusive Paperback -  47.00  Incl.
SR Tables, Volume 5: Latitudes 60° - 75°, Inclusive Paperback -  47.00  Incl.
SR Tables, Volume 6: Latitudes 75° - 90°, Inclusive Paperback -  47.00 Incl.
Total Retail Value:  282.00  Incl.

Atlas of Pilot Charts   [Show Me]
A pilot chart is one of the most valuable tools available to the offshore sailor. Each chart documents prevailing weather patterns-- wind, currents, wave heights, visibility, surface pressure, sea surface temperature, and ice caps--for 5° sections of the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, North Pacific, South Pacific, or Indian Oceans. In essence, a pilot chart contains graphic representations of averages obtained from data gathered over man years in meteorology and oceanography to aid the navigator in selecting the quickest and safest routes. Each atlas contains a chart for each month of the year.
Compare Value... sells these in paperback form for $18 - $40 per edition.

Sailing Directions   [Show Me]
Forty-three Publications in PDF format, Sailing Directions are published by the National Imagery and Mapping Angency under the authority of the United States Department of Defense. Sailing Directions cover harbors, coasts, waters of the world, and provide information that cannot be shown graphically on nautical charts and is not readily available elsewhere. Sailing directions (Enroutes) include detailed coastal and port information which supplements the latest revised print of the largest scale chart for sale by NIMA.

Click on the thumbnail to the right to view an example of one of the smaller of these publications (Southwest Coast Of Africa - En Route - only 152 pages).
Compare to retail prices for printed guides at Remember... you cannot search on a printed version, like you can on a PDF version, but you can print as many copies as you wish from a PDF!

Planning Guides Theirs Ours
PUB. 120 - Pacific Ocean & Southeast Asia (Planning Guide) (302 pages, 5.0 MB)  45.00  Incl.
PUB. 140 - North Atlantic Ocean, Baltic, North & Mediterranean Sea's (Planning Guide) (353 pages, 10.1 MB)  45.00  Incl.
PUB. 160 - South Atlantic Ocean & Indian Ocean (Planning Guide) (249 pages, 7.6 MB)  35.00  Incl.
PUB. 180 - The Arctic Ocean (Planning Guide) (142 pages, 5.2 MB)  17.00  Incl.
PUB. 200 - Antarctica (Planning Guide & Enroute) (182 pages, 7.7 MB)  26.00  Incl.
Total Retail Value:  168.00  Incl.

Enroute Guides Theirs Ours
PUB. 123 - Southwest Coast of Africa (Enroute) (152 pages, 2.5 MB)  20.00  Incl.
PUB. 124 - East Coast of South America (Enroute) (293 pages, 6.8 MB)  40.00  Incl.
PUB. 125 - West Coast of South America (Enroute) (231 pages, 4.9 MB)  35.00  Incl.
PUB. 126 - Pacific Islands (Enroute) (309 pages, 6.7 MB)  42.00  Incl.
PUB. 127 - East Coast of Australia & New Zealand (Enroute) (343 pages, 11.0 MB)  45.00  Incl.
PUB. 131 - Western Mediterranean (Enroute) (349 pages, 9.2 MB)  45.00  Incl.
PUB. 132 - Eastern Mediterranean (Enroute) (223 pages, 5.6 MB)  35.00  Incl.
PUB. 141 - Scotland (Enroute) (311 pages, 10.0 MB)  45.00  Incl.
PUB. 142 - Ireland & the West Coast of England (Enroute) (171 pages, 4.0 MB)  35.00  Incl.
PUB. 143 - West Coast of Europe & Northwest Africa (Enroute) (266 pages, 9.8 MB)  40.00  Incl.
PUB. 145 - Nova Scotia & the St. Lawrence (Enroute) (327 pages, 5.2 MB)  45.00  Incl.
PUB. 146 - Newfoundland, Laborador & Hudson Bay (Enroute) (354 pages, 13.1 MB)  48.00  Incl.
PUB. 147 - Caribbean Sea, Vol. 1 (Enroute), Bermuda, Bahamas, & Islands of the Caribbean Sea (181 pages, 3.6 MB)  30.00  Incl.
PUB. 148 - Caribbean Sea, Vol. 2 (Enroute) (168 pages, 4.0 MB)  30.00  Incl.
PUB. 153 - West Coasts of Mexico & Central America (Enroute) (131 pages, 5.3 MB)  25.00  Incl.
PUB. 154 - British Columbia (Enroute) (280 pages, 13.0 MB)  40.00  Incl.
PUB. 155 - East Coast of Russia (Enroute) (185 pages, 5.2 MB)  30.00  Incl.
PUB. 157 - Coasts of Korea & China (Enroute) (202 pages, 9.6 MB)  30.00  Incl.
PUB. 158 - Japan, Vol. 1 (Enroute) (186 pages, 4.4 MB)  35.00  Incl.
PUB. 159 - Japan, Vol. 2 (Enroute) (228 pages, 10.1 MB)  33.00  Incl.
PUB. 161 - South China Sea & the Gulf of Thailand (Enroute) (249 pages, 3.0 MB)  24.00  Incl.
PUB. 162 - Philippine Islands (Enroute) (349 pages, 8.1 MB)  46.00  Incl.
PUB. 163 - Borneo, Jawa, Sulawesi, & Nusa Tenggara (Enroute) (370 pages, 7.6 MB)  46.00  Incl.
PUB. 164 - New Guinea (Enroute) (273 pages, 6.4 MB)  40.00  Incl.
PUB. 171 - East Africa & the South Indian Ocean (Enroute) (223 pages, 6.7 MB)  35.00  Incl.
PUB. 172 - Red Sea & the Persian Gulf (Enroute) (313 pages, 6.9 MB)  41.00  Incl.
PUB. 173 - India & the Bay of Bengal (Enroute) (257 pages, 3.8 MB)  36.00  Incl.
PUB. 174 - Strait of Malacca & Sumatra (Enroute) (187 pages, 5.9 MB)  30.00  Incl.
PUB. 175 - North & West Coast of Australia (Enroute) (237 pages, 5.9 MB)  31.00  Incl.
PUB. 181 - Greenland & Iceland (Enroute) (190 pages, 9.3 MB)  31.00  Incl.
PUB. 182 - North & West Coasts of Norway (Enroute) (223 pages, 6.7 MB)  32.00  Incl.
PUB. 183 - Northern Coast of Russia (Enroute) (148 pages, 2.6 MB)  22.00  Incl.
PUB. 191 - English Channel (Enroute) (165 pages, 4.7 MB)  25.00  Incl.
PUB. 192 - North Sea (Enroute) (238 pages, 12.1 MB)  35.00  Incl.
PUB. 193 - Skagerrak & Kattegat (Enroute) (149 pages, 7.7 MB)  30.00  Incl.
PUB. 194 - Baltic Sea: Southern Part (Enroute) (254 pages, 10.8 MB)  40.00  Incl.
PUB. 195 - Gulf of Finland & Gulf of Bothnia (Enroute) (154 pages, 5.7 MB)  22.00  Incl.
Total Retail Value:  1,294.00  Incl.

NGA List of Lights   [Show Me]
Published by NGA (National Geospatial Inteligence), these lists include lights and other marine aids to navigation, maintained by or under authority of the U.S. Coast Guard and located on waters used by general navigation, are described in the Light List. Printed version of these documents sell for $50 per publication (7 publications)
Compare to retail prices for printed guides at

List of Lights Theirs Ours
Pub. 110 (Greenland, The East Coasts of North and South America (Excluding Continental U.S.A. Except the East Coast of Florida) and the West Indies)  52.00  Incl.
Pub. 111 (The West Coasts of North and South America (Excluding Continental U.S.A. and Hawaii), Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and the Islands of the North and South Pacific Oceans)  50.00  Incl.
Pub. 112 (Western Pacific and Indian Oceans Including the Persian Gulf and Red Sea, 2005)  60.00  Incl.
Pub. 113 (The West Coasts of Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Azovskoye More (Sea of Azov))  51.00  Incl.
Pub. 114 (British Isles, English Channel and North Sea, 2005)  42.00  Incl.
Pub. 115 (Norway, Iceland and Arctic Ocean, 2005)  46.00  Incl.
Pub. 116 (Baltic Sea with Kattegat, Belts and Sound and Gulf of Bothnia)  45.00  Incl.
Total Retail Value:  346.00  Incl.

USCG Light List   [Show Me]
These publications contain a list of lights, sound signals, buoys, daybeacons, and other aids to navigation. They are in PDF format and are approximately 4 MB in size.
Compare to retail prices for printed guides at Boxell's Chandlery.

Light List Theirs Ours
Volume I, 2005 - Atlantic Coast (St. Croix River, Maine to Shrewsbury River, New Jersey)  41.00  Incl.
Volume II, 2005 - Atlantic Coast (Shrewsbury River, New Jersey to Little River, South Carolina)  41.00  Incl.
Volume III, 2005 - Atlantic and Gulf Coast (Little River, South Carolina to Econfina River, Florida includes Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands)  51.00  Incl.
Volume IV, 2005 - Gulf of Mexico (Econfina River, Florida to Rio Grande River, Texas)  40.00  Incl.
Volume V, 2004 - Light List (Vol. V)-Mississippi River System  35.00  Incl.
Volume VI, 2005 - Pacific Coast and Pacific Islands  41.00  Incl.
Volume VII, 2005 - Great Lakes (United States and Canada)  42.00  Incl.
Total Retail Value:  291.00  Incl.

Notice To Mariners   [Show Me]
The Notice to Mariners is published by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), under the authority of Department of Defense Directive 5105.40, to advise mariners of important matters affecting navigational safety, including new hydrographic discoveries, changes in channels and navigational aids, etc. (U.S. Code Title 10, Sec. 442 and Title 44, Sec. 1336 refer). Nothing in the arrangement of information implies endorsement or acceptance by NGA in matters affecting the status and boundaries of States and territories. The Notice to Mariners presents corrective information affecting charts, NGA/DLIS Catalog of Maps Charts and Related Products, Coast Pilots, Sailing Directions, Fleet Guides, USCG Light Lists, NGA List of Lights, Radio Navigational Aids and other products produced by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, National Ocean Service and U.S. Coast Guard.

Information for the Notice to Mariners is contributed by the following Agencies: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) (Department of Defense) for waters outside the territorial limits of the United States; National Ocean Service (NOS) (Department of Commerce), which is charged with the surveys and charting of the coasts and harbors of the United States and its territories; the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) (Department of Homeland Security), which is responsible for the safety of life at sea and the establishment and operation of aids to navigation; and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Department of Defense), which is charged with the improvement of rivers and harbors of the United States. In addition, important contributions are made by foreign hydrographic offices and cooperating observers of all nationalities.

Miscellaneous Navigation References   [Show Me]
This section includes a wide array of reference materials, including...
Reference Theirs Ours
Pub. 150 - World Port Index: The World Port Index (Pub 150) publication contains the location, characteristics, known facilities, and available services of major ports, shipping facilities and oil terminals throughout the world (approximately 64,000 entries). The data in this publication is mostly tabular and new editions are published biannually.  43.00  Incl.
Pub. 151 - Distances Between Ports: The Distances Between Ports (Pub 151) publication contains, in a single volume, tabulated distance between an alphabetical listing of departure ports, junction points, and arrival ports worldwide. Most of the distances represent the shortest navigable routes, but in some cases, longer routes which take advantage of currents, avoidance of ice or other dangers to navigation, or to follow required traffic separation schemes are used. New editions are prepared and published by NGA on a biannual basis.  20.00  Incl.
Pub. 1310 - Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board Manual: The Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board Manual (Pub 1310) contains, in a single volume, information on the fundamentals of shipboard radar, radar operation, collision avoidance, navigation by radar, and a description of vessel traffic systems in US waters. Additionally, the publication provides a quick reference to specific relative motion problem solutions including both textual and graphic explanations. New editions are prepared and published by NGA on an as-needed basis.  45.00  Incl.
Pub. 117 - Radio Navigational Aids: The Radio Navigational Aids publication contains a detailed list of selected worldwide radio stations that provide services to the mariner. The publication is divided into chapters according to the nature of the service provided by the radio stations. The services include RDF and Radar Stations; stations broadcasting navigational warnings, time signals or medical advice; communication traffic for distress, emergency and safety including GMDSS; and long range navigational aids. It also contains chapters describing procedures of the AMVER System, and the interim emergency procedures and communication instructions to be followed by U.S merchant vessels in times of crisis. (302 pages, 12.2 MB)  45.00  Incl.
Pub. 102 - International Code Of Signals For Visual, Sound & Radio Commun: The International Code of Signals publication contains, in a single volume, a description and/or graphic depiction of all signals for visual, sound, and radio communications. This publication is intended to cater primarily to situations related to safety of navigation and personnel, especially when language difficulties arise. New editions are prepared and published by NGA on an as-needed basis. (157 pages, 2.6 MB)  30.00  Incl.
Handbook Of Magnetic Compass Adjustment: This document has been prepared in order to present all pertinent information regarding the practical procedures of magnetic compass adjustment in one text. As such, it treats of the basic principles of compass deviations and their correction, and not of the details of particular compass equipment. (46 pages, 1.9 MB)  N/A Incl.
Magnetic Variations - Polar: Image, 5,700x4,200 pixels, 4.3 MB  N/A Incl.
Magnetic Variations - World: Image, 5,700x4,200 pixels, 4.3 MB, 5,700x4,200 pixels, 4.8 MB  N/A Incl.
Total Retail Value:  183.00  Incl.

NOTE: If your computer doesn't have a DVD drive, we can create a custom set on CDs, that you can easily install on your hard drive, retaining the advantages and integrity of the web interface.

Global Navigation Reference DVD: $95.00

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